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Journey to Health

Fundamentals of Ayurveda & Ayurvedic cooking

Indian Thali

According to Ayurveda, food is one of the pillars of health. It is how we primarily nourish our bodies. The food we eat also affects our mind. A diet which is not in tune with our body's needs causes disease. A lot of the imbalances we experience will simply fall away once we start eating right. But what does "eating right" mean? Have you heard of the saying "You are what you eat?"

Ayurveda says, you are what you digest

If you are unable to digest what you eat, everything is pointless. Because not only do your body and mind not get the nourishment they require, but improper digestion also leads to the formation of Ama - metabolic toxins and wastes from the undigested food and imbalances the doshas - the bio-energies in us. This is the root cause of disease according to Ayurveda  

Tasty Salad

Ayurvedic Cooking

Pumpkin Spice

In Ayurveda we aim to make the food as easy to digest as possible so that you can get the required nourishment from it. This is the essence of Ayurvedic cooking.

What sets Ayurveda apart is that it considers HOW food behaves in your body and not how well it performs in a laboratory. It also focuses on how well your body is able to digest different foods. Just eating high-fibre, high-protein, low-calorie food is not going to get you anywhere if your body is unable to digest what you eat.

When diet is wrong,

medicine is of no use

When diet is right,

medicine is of no need

                       - Ayurvedic Proverb

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