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Ayurvedic Health Consultation

An in-depth analysis to uncover the root cause of an imbalance and a health-plan to heal it

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 129,99 Euro
  • Online or in Munich

Service Description

In an ayurvedic health consultation we wil look at every apect of your life - your diet, lifestyle, mental, emotional and spiritual state to determine your current doshic imbalance (Vikriti) which is the root cause of disease in the body. Once this is clear, we will discuss the changes you can make in different areas of your life to bring the doshas back into balance. Suitable for clients suffering from digestive ailments, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, insomnia, anxiety or other chronic ailments. After booking the service, you will receive a questionnaire that needs to be completed and sent in at least 3 days prior to the appointment. You will also receive some reading material in order to prepare for the consultation.

Contact Details


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