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Caffeine is not your friend...

1. It is a stimulant. All forms of caffeine including green & black tea, matcha, chocolate/cacao and coffee aggravate the light and airy Vata dosha which in excess causes insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, constipation, bloating and arthritis among other things.

2. Caffeine also aggravates the hot and fiery Pitta dosha which causes excess heat and inflammatory conditions in the body incl. heartburn, acidity, skin rashes, acne, loose stools, frequent UTIs, heavy menstrual bleeding, etc.

3. It is addictive

4. It is Rajasic i.e. causes an imbalance at the level of the mind. (Read more about it here)

5. It might be helping you “go” but it’s dehydrating you further which just perpetuates the problem. It also accelerates the aging process.

6. Using it for energy is like using a credit card when your bank account is empty (need I say more?!)

Now I’m not one of those Ayurvedic experts who will tell you which doshic types can consume caffeine or how best to consume it. Why? Because

a) it is having an effect - in EVERYONE. The difference is how quickly it causes an imbalance in you. If you have a strong constitution, you might get away with it longer but eventually it will catch up

b) I spent years running around, trying to find out why I was suffering from chronic acidity, chronic fatigue, anxiety, etc. and wished someone would tell me what I could do to change it, straight up! (No, I did not want to pop pills )

So I want to be that person for you now - that tells you exactly what effects a particular food has on your body and mind, no sugarcoating! So that you can make informed decisions.

And the great news is there are some amazing alternatives to caffeine you can enjoy without all the nasty side-effects. (Yes, it is possible to have a ritual even with caffeine-free drinks )

P.S. To the folks who start with how many anti-oxidants green tea/matcha have or the numerous health benefits of coffee, I say : EVERY substance on the planet has some useful qualities or can be useful in the right situation, but when it comes to your health I find it more important to look at the negative effects it has before you decide to put it in your body

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